Monday, October 13, 2014

The Weekend

My sister, Jean, was supposed to visit us this weekend but had to delay her trip when her AFib reoccurred a few weeks ago.   On top of that disappointment there was rain off and on the past few days.  But even so we managed to enjoy the weekend.

Our friends Ray and Paula and Gus showed us the lovely Homestead hike with it's beautiful patches of fall-red sumac.

You can never get enough views of the Flatirons.  The hike was south of our house, so this view is facing north.  

Paul spent Saturday afternoon helping organize and judge a "practice tournament" for younger kids at his karate studio.  He is thrilled to be part of the Leadership Team.  

Ben cooked two amazing dinners, including a new recipe,  Pasta Alla Norma, from the New York Times, which we really liked.

Ben's apron advertises the Artist's Open Studio, which was in its second weekend.  Lotus and I went around to see a couple of artists and I bought two pieces which I'll give as Christmas presents.  Did you know that there are only 72 days until Christmas? 

When he wasn't cooking or rock climbing, Ben was working on painting the deck.  It may look like Ben has painted himself into a corner, but he didn't1 

Spikey was quite energetic all weekend, climbing up anything he could find and being very entertaining.

Seeing the studios of so many artists these past two weekends made me focus a bit on my own workspace.  I went home and tried to make my studio less cluttered and more serene.  Originally I had put the sewing table perpendicular to the door, which blocked the flow of the room:   

But this weekend I rearranged it so the sewing table is in front of the window, making the room seem more open:  

I ruthlessly culled out books, picture frames, and electronic equipment so I could make order out of the chaos that had been in the wall closet.   I think I can find things in there now.

After all that work, it was just fun to actually sew in the newly organized space.  I'm working on the little piece on the cutting table.  It was almost done when it decided it wanted to be bigger --honestly, you never know what these pieces will tell you -- so now I'm adding a graphic black and gold border. 

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