Sunday, December 28, 2014

White and Cold

We had a lovely Christmas, all warm and cozy inside with friends, family, presents, and good food while outside a winter storm gave us about a foot of beautiful sparkly powdery snow. 

The day after Christmas was spent digging out, made easier than I expected by the surprising lightness of the deep snow.  

Paul's friend, Bryan, flew in late Friday afternoon and we are watching the forecast for another round of snow over the next two days, hoping there will be minimal impact on our drive to the mountains Tuesday morning.  The snow should stop by then but there will be frigid temperatures both here and in the Rockies.  The boys are scheduled for dog sled rides Tuesday afternoon when the high is expected to be five degrees!    


  1. Oh-my-goodness, look at that snow! Wow! I was pretty excited to see all those beautifully wrapped prezzies and then I saw the pie. Oh my.

  2. Well, that's Boulder! No snow here yet and not even cold. Looks like lots of pressies under the tree. What did you get? I'm working in the studio today getting ready to finish a few quilts I hope. LeeAnna


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