Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Purple Spring

This is our first Spring in Boulder and it has been a very lovely one.  I've especially enjoyed all the purple flowers that are blooming now. 

I've been noticing them ever since my hairdresser told me that one spring "nothing purple bloomed."  This was hard to believe and indeed it hasn't been collaborated by any of the neighborhood gardeners that I've talked to, but it did capture my imagination.  Imagine a spring with nothing purple. 

The challenge in my online photography class last week was to take a photo and then use a certain Photoshop technique to turn it into a "Dreamscape," an image with a blurry, dreamy look.  Since my mind was on purple, I chose to shoot some purple iris growing by fence which surrounds the cemetery down the street from our house.   I thought the photo turned out pretty well but I was still surprised and delighted when it was selected for the weekly critique.  The instructor complimented the composition, which was great to hear. 

Here is another "Dreamscape" photo I did for the class.  The affect is quite interesting, don't you think?  The rosary was just hanging on the gravestone, I don't know why, but it was evocative.

I also liked this photo I took of Hosta leaves coming up in one of the nearby yards.  I'd been told that they took too much water and don't grow well around here.  I love Hostas and am now thinking I should plant some right by one of our sprinkler heads!

It rained yesterday and will rain again today.  A good day to go volunteer at the Boulder High School library and then work on a quilt piece I've got going and am excited about finishing.  Of course, at some point I'll get out for a walk; bad weather doesn't mean you don't get outside for some exercise!  

Paul has a band concert tonight, his last with the Concert Band since he auditioned into Wind Ensemble for next year!  Yeah, Paul!


  1. Lovely flowers Mary, and I can't wait to see your quilt!!

  2. you have learned so much from this course. Wonderful pic of iris. LeeAnna


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