Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello, May!

The abundant April showers (and snow) we've had this year have given us beautiful green grass and lovely spring flowers which we are enjoying.

We are moving ahead with the next of our interior remodeling projects, the big one--the kitchen.

We knew when we bought the house that we'd need to update the 1980's kitchen, replacing the appliances, cabinets, floor, and counter.  We weren't sure if the floor plan itself needed revamping, so we decided not to do anything until we'd actually worked in the kitchen for a while.  After ten months we decided that the layout was fine, which is great since moving plumbing and walls adds a great deal to the expense of redoing a kitchen.  

We're aiming to get all the work done by the time Ben's brother and his family come to visit the first of August, so that means getting the show on the road! Our friend Susan, owner of Interior Motives design company, and the designer and general contractor of our two bathroom remodeling jobs, is again serving as our guide and general contractor which makes the whole process so much easier than handling it all ourselves.

Still, there is no escape from the many decisions that have to be made.  I spent yesterday afternoon deciding on the style, finish and color of the new cabinets, selecting a range hood, and learning about the dishwashers that are available nowadays.   

We're going with flat panel wood cabinets, grey for the bottom cabinets and white for the top ones.  You have to ignore the insets and groves in the samples shown below and imagine contemporary looking flat fronts with modern handles.  Two of the upper cabinets will have glass inserts.   It should look great! 

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  1. Hi Mary! I don't envy you your remodeling project but I know you'll be very happy when it's all finished!


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