Monday, August 31, 2015

Jump Start

 Ben got a jump start on removing the kitchen cabinets on Friday.   Can you believe that he got those heavy upper cabinets down all by himself?  I certainly wasn't much help, though when Paul got home from school he helped carry them out of the kitchen and onto the deck, where they await pickup by the folks at Resource who will resell them.    We were certainly amazed to find that the kitchen used to be painted pink!

Today most of the remaining cabinets are coming out.  Goodbye old cabinets!

This morning we're in an uproar with the living room being turned into food prep area, the dining room being turned into a work staging area, and the kitchen being ripped out.  

I think I'll pretend that all is calm and talk about soothing subjects for a moment. 

A local store had a big sale on frost proof pots and I picked up these three beauties and got them planted yesterday.  I think they add a lot of visual interest to the patio.  

A few weeks ago I bought a new rose bush and am thrilled with how well it is doing.  Isn't it gorgeous?

This is the photo I submitted for this week's challenge in my online photo class.  The subject was "The Power of One."  I was feeling pretty good about it until I showed it to Paul and he pointed out that he could see my reflection.  I can't believe that I worked out this image in PhotoShop for almost an hour and didn't see myself in the lens!  I could have easily cloned myself out.

 Chalk it up to being distracted.  There is quite a bit going on around here.

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  1. Ben looks worn out. But it's very good for your health to lift heavy things like our primal ancestors did. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen! I don't even have to put up with the demolition and inconvenience! And frost-proof pots, who knew! Makes sense, but we don't have such things around here. I like the pops of color they add!


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