Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"We're Going to Need a Bigger Saw!"

It took two days to pull up the old kitchen floor instead of one, but it's done now and the new subfloor has been set in place.   The problem was that instead of finding one subfloor under the current vinyl floor, there were two subfloors, one wood floor, and three vinyl floors!  As they uncovered all these layers, Ben and Lotus decided they would "need a bigger saw" and "called in the calvary."  That would be Tom the carpenter who applied his knowledge, strength, and huge saw to the task and got it done yesterday afternoon.

That left the way clear for the electricians to work today, running wiring and installing boxes for the new outlets.

 And the new cabinets were delivered this morning ands stashed in the garage!  We haven't opened any of the boxes yet but I hope we will before the day is done.  I'd sure love to see them.  I think they are scheduled to be set up in the kitchen on Friday.

Spikey's daily sun bathing in the kitchen bay window has been curtailed for the duration of the rehab project and he is not happy.  Monday he bashed around in his habitat (i.e, cage) demanding to be let out so I finally took him into my studio where he hung out on the back of my chair for a couple of hours.  This made my working in there a bit tough.

Today I got smart and put him in the studio window.  There's not much sun coming in that window right now but at least he's getting some fresh air while he checks out the action on the street.

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