Saturday, April 30, 2016

Make Your Own Sunshine

It's been a cold and wet few days around here, with rain and snow instead of that famous Colorado sunshine.

On top of that I've had a bad cold, so it was a good time to hunker down at home. 

Looking for something cheerful to do, I remembered that I needed to finish up my April block for the Leah Day machine quilting block party.   The colorful pansy fabric would be fun to work with on such a gloomy day.  I quilted half of it in white and then switched to a vibrant yellow thread. 

It made me feel happier just to look at this lucious color!  

After I had finished quilting the Leah Day block I wanted to continue working with this beautiful color so I got out a scrap quilt that was waiting to be quilted.

Without much of a plan I started doing some meander quilting over it.  It seemed like I was scattering sunshine as I worked.


  1. My Denver friend said she's tired of snow... but admits the water is good for later. Your yellow thread is happy.


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