Monday, December 12, 2016

A Big Week Ahead

Fetcher has decided that the silver thing is a tree and has taken his rightful place under it.

Well, we've got a big week ahead.

 Paul has finals for the next three days before being set free for winter break starting Thursday morning.  Ben has a variety of things going on --he's already at the climbing gym so early this morning -- and I have three quilt related social events, all of which I'm helping with in some way, from running a gift exchange to serving as hostess at a table.  Lots of little details to remember about what to bring and what I've signed up to do.    Saturday night we have a special dinner out with friends, which is a treat to look forward to.  And we continue to get ready for our trip to St. John, checking out our snorkeling gear and working out little details like how we'll get to the airport for a 1:15 AM flight.

But the big event is the remodeling of the first floor bathroom which starts today with the delivery of a vanity, picks up on Wednesday with the delivery of my wonderful new tub  and gets going full force on Thursday when the current bath is demolished.  Poor Paul; it's going to be hard to sleep in on the first day of break with all the noise!

Here's what the bath looks like now.  Not too shabby for all the use it's gotten over the years.  But it's time to update it, switching out the vinyl flooring for tile, replacing the shallow and stained tub with a heated deep soaking tub, and putting in more storage around the sink area.

We're putting in big subway tile which will go right up to the window, eliminating the wooden sill, and there will be a cool accent strip of glittering little squares going up the face of the tiled tub front and up the wall by the window.  Basically the colors will be grey and white.  It will be a nice upgrade and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to having a soaking tub again.

Speaking of projects, I don't think I ever showed a photo of the new wood fence between us and our nice neighbor, Susan.  It shows up well in contrast to the snow in this photo.  I like how it turned out, though we had to make it shorter than usual so Susan's windows wouldn't be blocked.

And speaking of snow, this lovely photo is from a few days ago.  We still have some snow on the ground but generally it's all gone now.   We may get more on Friday; I'm just hoping it doesn't snow when we need to get to the airport next week!

I finally got a good photo of the star on Flagstaff Mountain, which I just love. This is taken a block down the street from our house. 

And when we were downtown Saturday night we couldn't resist taking photos of the Courthouse all decorated for the holidays.   

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  1. so pretty. Good luck with the bathroom. From looking at houses, I learned what I really want is the stand alone soaking tub. I have come to dislike the master bath pools ( I call them) that take up space. Storage and room, that is what we like


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