Monday, February 27, 2017

Scenes from the Weekend

My, how the weekends fly by!  Sometimes it's hard to remember where the time went.  Good thing I have photos to remind me. 

Thursday night and into early Friday morning we had some snow, just enough to make the trees quite beautiful.  As I drove over to my 8:30 Pilates class in the historic Mappleton neighborhood, I had to stop and admire the lovely old tree-lined streets with the new snow.

In the afternoon we drove over to Longmont where we did a walk-through of Ben's brother's new home, in preparation for their closing tomorrow.

We ran water from all the faucets, flushed each of the five toilets, opened doors, raised and lowered blinds, and otherwise made sure that everything was in working order. 

John and Dawn were in Virginia, but we texted them lots of photos as we did the walk-through and had several phone conversations.  Here's Ben discussing with John the washer/dryer hookup in the guest bathroom.   

I took tons of photos!  I hoped they helped make up for the fact that John and Dawn couldn't be at the walk-through themselves.  Here I am trying to photograph the incredible walk-in closets off the master suite.

When we got home it was time to snuggle with Fetcher.  He doesn't like the snow so he had spent the morning at home and was kind of lonely without us.  

On Saturday morning I took Paul over to school so he could get the sound board ready for a concert that night.   Paul is doing sound in theater after school this year and really enjoys it.  He looks like he's in his element, doesn't he?  

Later I picked up Ben from the indoor rock climbing gym and we shopped for dessert to take to a dinner party that night.  We happened to hit Whole Foods just as they were cutting a huge wheel of Parmesan cheese, something I had never seen before.  They were giving away nibbles from the very center of the wheel and they were tasty little bits.  

In the afternoon I had a couple of hours to quilt and I made some progress designing and sewing this sunflower wall hanging, inspired by a photo I took last summer.  

Then we were back to Longmont for dinner at our friend Lotus's house.  I didn't take any photos; just came home with warm memories of a pleasant evening sharing a delicious meal with friends 

Sunday I slept until 10:00!  Good grief.  

But once I was up we kicked into gear and got out for a long hike up one of our favorite trails, Lion's Lair.  It was a beautiful morning, clear and crisp, and the snow made the trail and scenery particularly wonderful.   About two-thirds the way up we came across a beautiful patch of ice covering a rock formation and had to stop to admire it.

And the clear skies meant we could see much further across the Indian Peaks than usual.

We didn't watch the Oscars Sunday night but we did watch The Arrival with Amy Adams.  We both thought it was interesting but "languid," our new word for slow.


  1. Love love love your photos! It's such fun to see your journeys. Feel like I'm there. I haven't seen "Arrival'" because I heard the same review.

  2. Great photos, Mary! We didn't watch the Oscars either. We watched Arrival over the weekend also, I liked it but I had to google it to find out what it was about. Her memories of her daughter, which we learned the director wanted us to think, were not memories at all but glimpses of the future. I think we would have enjoyed the movie more if we'd known that going in.


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