Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sun and Snow

On Tuesday it was warm and sunny.  Early in the morning Ben and I left our car at the Chapman Trail head and did a six mile hike up the back of Flagstaff Mountain, down the front of Flagstaff via the Gregory Canyon Trail, across Chautauqua, and down into the neighborhood to our house. 

It sure is fun to do a hike that ends up at home, even if you do have to go fetch the car later.   And we got our exercise done in the cool weather before it hit the 70's, which doesn't seem hot until the sun shines strongly on you while you're hiking.    

I'm still not crazy about going up, but it sure is pretty once we get up there.   

So today, just two days later, we have snow.  Not so much early this morning, but enough for me to think about cancelling a quilt meeting I had scheduled.   But I bravely drove my car to it and all was well.  

The real fun happened after the meeting when I stopped to shop for some quilting thread.  In the twenty minutes I was in the store dropping over $100 on yummy colored threads and some fun supplies, the snow began to fall fast and the temperature began to plummet.   Here's my car when I came out.  It had been clean when I went into the store. 

After I'd been home an hour we had 3-4" out on the deck.  Another few inches may come tonight. It's mighty pretty but we are supposed to go to parent-teacher conferences tonight at school so we'll have to go out in the pretty mess.   Ah, there goes a plow!  That will help. 

Speaking of quilting, I made a big push to finish the top of the lap quilt I'm making for my sister Jean. I've warned her not to read this post if she wants to be surprised! She loves to travel so I'm making her a travel-themed quilt. 

This is the front, which features international travel.  (Those are "Animals of the World," in case you wondered.) 

And this is the back, which features travel in the United States.   I love having two sides for a lap quilt because after all, you never know which side you'll be looking at as you snuggle under the quilt while reading or watching TV.   I've decided to quilt it myself rather than send it out to someone with a special quilting machine, so there's no telling when I'll actually have it finished.  But it's well on its way!

Fetcher has  been very cuddly lately.  I really enjoyed watching him making himself at home in the bathroom sink yesterday.

Go to sleep, little kitty.  I won't bother you even if you are getting my sink dirty with cat hair!


  1. cat sized sink. Perfect. I remember being a child and snuggling into little holes like that, under a table, in a cabinet. He's so cute!

  2. I love your photos of your hike and cute "Cat in the Sink".


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